Bunny on Patrol

by Ivana Keeley Williams on 04.18.20

Bunny on Patrol


If you haven’t already noticed this Easter among other holidays has been celebrated very differently. We are all having to adjust to the present norm due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as it has been called. Our normal Easter experience may be one of joining friends and family at a neighborhood, community, or family Easter Egg hunt. Other activities like church on Sunday and indulging in the typical meals we have all grown to love may have also been on the Easter festivities list.

However, due to our current situation we have sheltered in place for anyone who does not have to be out. For the ones who have been deemed essential, they have tried their best to provide their services all while being as cautious as possible. How then can we spread any positivity throughout our region? What about having the Easter Bunny on Patrol with one of our Mississippi Highway Patrolman?

The Mississippi Highway Patrol originally decided to have their first Easter Egg Hunt for the community in hopes to show that our Troopers are not just ticket writers, and they truly due care for the people they have sworn to protect. Unfortunately, this event had to be canceled but the concept of changing the perception of society about the Highway Patrol did not. Trooper Williams, in Troop C, was granted the task of having a ride-a-long with her during patrol. Who was it? None other than the iconic Easter Bunny.

The concept Bunny on Patrol (BOP) was developed and became the social media highlight for the day on April 11, 2020. Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny started out their shift with a little public service announcement in front of Troop C, in Pearl. Trooper Williams stated that the Bunny was to help her on patrol and would be looking out for anyone displaying good social distancing.

The first stop for Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny was a car wash to make sure the vehicle on the inside and out was in clean and disinfected order. Mr. Bunny even got out to help with the process. Once the patrol car was clean, Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny set out to patrol the Jackson area in hopes to find people sheltered in place or practicing social distancing. Mr. Bunny stopped by the Mississippi Capitol, in downtown Jackson and hopped into our own Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann. The Lt. Governor gave them a quick lesson of why he was ringing the bell, which is rung every night at 6pm to signify support to all the healthcare workers and those who have been affected by the pandemic.

Once the lesson was over, Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny hopped right back in their patrol car and set off again on their journey. Along the way, Mr. Bunny noticed children practicing good social distancing as they were playing in their yard and decided to pass out a few Easter eggs for their job well done.

Mr. Bunny couldn’t leave the capital city without giving his two thumbs up for their great standards, while posing in front of the Welcome to Jackson sign, which is on the exterior wall of the Gadow Tyler Law Offices, on Pearl Street.

Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny were working so hard they decided to take a quick brake and enjoy some donuts and coffee from Dunkin Donuts before moving on with their patrol for social distancing. Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny stopped at a few businesses in Vicksburg because of their great work in providing essential meals to those Mississippians who need it.

Just a hop around the corner and Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny stopped at the welcome center to catch a view of the sunset over the Mississippi River.

While taking in the site, Mr. Bunny was given a short lesson on proper handcuffing techniques. Mr. Bunny attempted to handcuff the instructor, Trooper Mayfield, but was unsuccessful due to his fury paws. After passing out a few more Easter Eggs to bystanders practicing social distancing, Trooper Williams and Mr. Bunny decided to call it a night.

After all, Mr. Bunny did have to get back on his regular duties.

The Bunny on Patrol was posted on numerous Mississippi Highway Patrol Facebook pages and other social media sites in efforts to brighten the spirits of all Mississippians and others who may follow the page.

Will this help with the efforts to change society’s perspective on law enforcement? That will only be determined in the future but with each step to humanize the badge we grow just a little closer to our goal. If nothing else during this time of confusion and uncertainty we at least hope to have put a smile on your face and a warmth in your hearts.  As we navigate this new normal together we hope and pray for all, God Bless!


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