Polar Vortex 2014

by Ivana Keeley Williams on 01.30.14

Dear Mississippi Government,


These are only a hand full of stories that were posted.  The Mississippi State Troopers got the job done!  They did not embarrass you like Atlanta!  Please here our pleas.  The next emergency may last longer, more Troopers may retire, and the work load will outweigh the workers.  STAY PREPARED HIRE MORE TROOPERS!


Story 1
The roads are dangerous and the hours are long. But we have made it through.
A Special “Thank You” to all the men of the Mississippi Highway Patrol both locally and combined neighboring counties. The sum of many makes us GREAT!!
The SOG group along with the State and local law enforcement combined effort has brought us through.

As a troopers wife I am so proud of my husband for the long hours and sacrifices you have made to help those in the community in which we live.  Today with the dawning of a better tomorrow.  Be safe out there and God Bless the Mississippi Highway Patrol.


Story 2

.Our Heavenly Father, we come tonight thanking You for watching out for our hard working troopers. Lord, as each one pulls their shift and the ones on the coast that have been pulling 12 hr. shifts may You grant them peace and comfort that You are watching over them keeping them safe and guiding their path. Lord, we thank You for dedicated dispatchers who keep track of them and offer them words of encouragement. Lord, it takes a “Special” person to become a trooper as You know… You made them. Lord, just keep them close, guide their path, guard their back and keep them close to you………AMEN


Story 3


I was always told…”It’s the thought that counts!”  But, I have worked all day with precious few Troopers that we currently have in Troop C to patrol 9 counties that make up this district all day in the snow and ice.  Troopers busted their behinds all day today working over 40 accidents and still counting.  I want you to know their only wish is for the powers that see fit give us the funding we so badly need so we can put a few more Troopers on the roadway.  So maybe they could take a second or two to stop and drink a hot cup of chocolate or coffee between accidents.  Stand out of the weather.  Get warmed up from directing traffic.  Decompress a little.  My wife texted that picture of hot chocolate to me and had it waiting when I pulled up.

Story 4

Stay off the Roads!  The problem is that when people are involved in an accident it takes more resources to go get them.  They just mentioned calling out Troopers who have had four hours rest!  They didn’t get four hours rest!  They were off for four hours and had to eat, warm up, and wind down.  They maybe slept about 2 hours. 

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Jamell Calhoun 02.23.14 at 9:25 am

Hey I salute our troopers! They are the best!! I will be a member of the Mississippi highway patrol!! Let’s pass the bill for the academy!!

Jerrius Cage 04.11.14 at 1:10 pm

When will their be a new class?

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