Please Deny Parole

by Ivana Keeley Williams on 09.23.13

Members of the patrol family,


In the next 2 weeks William Francis will come before the parole board. As you know his actions caused the death of Master Sergeant Steve Hood, F-3.


Francis is currently on earned release and is free to live a normal life after spending a short time in prison. If he is paroled, he will no longer be a state inmate and his actions will no longer be monitored. 


On behalf of the family of the late MSGT Steve Hood, I would humbly request you to please write a letter to the MS Parole Board asking them to deny William Francis’s parole.


I do not feel the short time he served justifies being paroled after the life time of pain his decisions has caused the MHP family.


So please take a few minutes and simply write a letter asking parole be denied for William Francis.


The letter needs to be sent within the next 2 weeks to the below address.


Ms Parole Board

660 North Street

Suite 100A

Jackson, Ms 39202

William Francis # 161706


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