End of an Era

by Ivana Keeley Williams on 12.13.19

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has seen the end of an era. What Era? The end of the Crown Victoria as a patrol car. Some car enthusiasts believe the Crown Victoria, or better known as a Crown Vic, was one of the best patrol cars ever built. Beginning its tour of duty with the highway patrol in the early 1980’s, and ending with the last being turned in by Trooper Justin Poulos. (K-23) His vehicle was a 2011 Crown Victoria with a little over 143,000 miles.

Justin Poulos graduated from the Mississippi Highway Patrol Cadet Class 62, in March 2018 and is currently serving the great state of Mississippi in Troop K. Trooper Poulos says he is most excited to turn in his older ride for a brand new 2019 Dodge Charger. Justin believes by receiving a newer patrol car, he will not only have the most current and up to date technology, but be more proficient as a Trooper.

When asked what he plans to do in the future, Justin responded with, “I love my job and I love the road.” After serving his time on the road, he hopes to advance in his career and teach the younger generation how to effectively execute the duties and responsibilities of a Mississippi Highway Patrolman.

The Crown Victoria Justin turned in was stripped of the Highway Patrol decals and was bought by a Constable. A vehicle like Justin’s, plus many other artifacts from the history of the highway patrol, can be viewed at Headquarters in the Mississippi Highway Patrol museum. Anyone interested can visit Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm, while you are there stop by the Trooper store and grab a souvenir.


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