President of MSTA Gayle McMullin

by Ivana Keeley Williams on 08.12.14

As the newly elected President of MSTA, I want to thank each of you for your support.  I can promise you, I am going to do everything I can for the betterment of the Troopers and this Association to move forward with Unity and on a Positive path.  Those of you that know me know I stand by my word.  That being said I will need your participation and encourage each of you to express your concerns, needs, and ideas to the Representatives of your perspective Districts.  Your Representative will present these issues at the board meetings.  They will be discussed in a civil and professional manner.  Please make sure you have facts to support your issues and not rumors or hearsay.  The board meetings are governed by Roberts Rule of Order which in one section, states if an issue comes up to vote on, a motion is made, the motion is seconded, then the board votes on the issue, with the majority ruling and motion is carried.  I invite all members to attend any board meeting, providing you have gone through your chain of command for permission to do so.  As some of you may have heard, the board opted 8-2 majority to renew Donna Echols contract to continue as our Lobbyist.  I would appreciate each of you to take the time to read a few of her accomplishments that I have enclosed.  Donna has worked diligently over the year’s day in and day out and has developed a rapport with the Governor’s Office and the Legislators to move forward in a positive direction for the Troopers and this Association.  She was raised around Troopers and knows the importance in our lives and careers.  I have full confidence that she will continue to (if not more now, than ever) stand up for us and work with the Legislators to follow through our Agenda for the upcoming 2015 Legislative session.  Again, the majority of you voted me in this position and I am here to represent each member of the association via your Representative or directly through me.  I will be glad to speak to any of you, anytime, to answer questions or clarify any matter you may have, but again, please have the facts or circumstances so we can justify whatever the issue may be.  I can assure you, I will follow through with it. 




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